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Nema 12 VFD with braking resistor - no enclosure

Conveyor indexing application with inherent inertia and rapid start/stop requires use of braking resistor with VFD. Nema 12 rated VFD mounted directly to a column in the plant with braking resistor mounted directly behind VFD. No enclosure or cooling required, therefore saving considerable time and expense. Nema 4X version also available for harsh environments.

Quick disconnect safety plugs for I/O and power in outdoor application

The Meltric plugs in this photo are switch rated, arc flash (NFPA 70E) compliant, and Nema 4X rated for outdoor use in harsh environments. They provide a means to quickly and safely connect/disconnect control signals and electrical power up to 200 amps at 600VAC. In this application they are being used to connect power and signals to a powered end effector in a harsh outdoor environment. 

Distributed Fieldbus I/O in MCUP application

By using Turck universal Ethernet fieldbus I/O blocks, a MCUP (Modular Central Utility Plant) manufacturer, Envirosep, was able to simplify connection of sensors and actuators back to the main control system by "daisy chaining" the blocks throughout the plant. Turck's IP69K rated universal Ethernet I/O blocks can be mounted in the elements at the point of use. It uses quick disconnect technology to simplify installation and eliminate wiring mistakes. Tray rated cables are used in cable tray to eliminate conduit and associated installation time and labor costs.  

Reserved for future project

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